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The Battle for Our Food

February 21, 2014

Church leaders in the UK have yesterday had a go at the UK Government about the contribution of the welfare system to the hunger of a large number of people. ‘They can’t afford to eat,’ is the message. The Church concentrates on one half of the problem, money to buy food but the other half which is just as important is the supply of food at affordable prices. For most people buying food means shopping at a supermarket.

Supermarkets have got the monopoly of food retailing and they have got it by destroying the opposition, the markets and the small independent shops. The fear when a supermarket comes to town is that the opposition will be swept away and the poorest who shop there will have to pay more. Without markets and small shops, wholesale markets will close and farmers will have nowhere to sell their produce. At the same time, the supermarkets will be banging the drum and telling you how much better off you are now than when you used to shop at the market or local shop.

What have the supermarkets done wrong? Absolutely nothing in business terms absolutely everything in terms of supplying food. Food is a need and not a want yet they have treated it merely as a commodity to carve out huge profits. They have created monopolies based on selling food,  turned food into a designer item and have changed our farming landscape, wiping out vast acres of fruit orchards, for instance. Market gardens which once supplied towns and villages with local produce are gone in favour of huge farms and long journeys from farm to supermarket shelf are the result. We have choice, all right, but it is the supermarket’s choice, not a free choice.

Supermarkets have a stranglehold on the Nation’s food and I don’t think it is right or healthy. The battle over food is between people who want to eat it and supermarkets who want to make money out of it. Throwing more money at the Welfare system may not be the solution. Let’s hope supermarkets don’t take over water as well as food or the taps in our homes may be turned off in favour of a trip to a warehouse to pick it up in large containers.Image


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  1. supernova1c permalink

    Great post Jane, couldn’t agree more! I tweeted this as it’s a very important message the whole nation needs to hear.
    Governments need to pull their socks up – it is nothing short of criminal on both sides and there’s more to it than meets the eye, I’ll bet!
    Hope your OK Jane, best wishes and regards, James 🙂

  2. excellent blog post!

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