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Spam and Hotmail

October 21, 2013

I have just had a spam attack on my website (not on this blog) and it is driving me completely insane. It comes from the USA, mainly, with a lot from China and Eastern Europe. While it may not be from one geographical region it is from one email provider above all others and no prizes for guessing which one. accounts for every single spammer (apart from one) I have ever had. This begs the question, if every other email account provider stops these spammers why don’t Hotmail? Is there any way hotmail can be made to sort this out or is it in Hotmail’s interest to keep these crazy folk on their books?

Spam is expensive for small companies and reduces one’s effectiveness – less time to do the job which needs to be done because so much time is taken up sorting out this rubbish. I would love to have a forum on my website but that isn’t going to happen until the spamming stops.

Just a postscript. Today is the 25th October and I have deleted  3 spammers who had activity on 25 sites on the 15th October. How quickly does Hotmail delete these users?


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  1. stephen permalink

    ive setup a new e.mail address due to crap spamers and my first spam is a so called women saying hi remember me we met on face book can we meet and all that crap i get five a day same person, does my head in.

    • I know Stephen. it is such a waste of time and you just wonder what they are up to. It makes you feel very uneasy doesn’t it. So what’s in it for Hotmail that they don’t sort it out. Jane

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