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Happy New Year

January 1, 2013

2013. How exciting to be entering a new year. The horizon of December 31st 2013 is a long way off and  in between is an exciting prospect full of promise and potential. I imagine a field of snow which has not yet got a footprint on it. It is always a good time to find something interesting in  what was happening a hundred years ago.

100 years ago in Wolverhampton the Star  Theatre   burnt down. Image

The reverse of the photo is as interesting as the front. It says:

Maser this was taken from the pit Lavarty their is not one that as got one of these at the theatre so please take care of it for old time sake. Many Happy Hours we have had their it wont be put up before next August:

Never mind

Old Sport

The writing is so typical of the time and there is hardly a punctuation mark. With the spelling being suspect the sense is hard to understand in places. I am not sure that I have read the words correctly eg is Maser the friend’s nickname or real name? In which case was this the correct spelling or might it have been Macer? Similarly with Lavarty. Is this the man’s surname, in which case was the spelling correct or might it have been Laverty or Lafferty. A small piece of history is added to so much by the writing on the back of the photo. Stuart Gandy who uploaded the images believes that the writer is one of the Fleetwood family.

Stuart_G’s uploads on www.sharehistory include a most interesting collection of images of early thespians.



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