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Dragons Den

December 6, 2012


Last Sunday I watched Dragons’ Den and thought how dated it was. Started back when economic times were different, it felt as though the responses of the so-called Dragons was a long way past its sell by date. Perhaps Hilary Devey spotted that when she decided to opt out and go to Channel 4, or did she just follow the money? I used to love this programme and I think it is lazy broadcasting not to update it.

I feel sorry for most of the people who arrive in the Den for their ritual pasting with rotten tomatoes (isn’t it time they got rid of this stupid device). There they stand while the Dragons think of how they are going to put the candidates down with the maximum impact. I squirm as I watch Theo shaking his head as another candidate forgets their lines and listen to Deborah in schoolmistress role addressing the candidates as though they were naughty children and if I see one more close up of Deborah looking at her nails …

I am passionate about many things and business is one of them. I love it and I think it is time the Dragons showed what they are made of. It’s all got far too cosy for them and formulaic. Economic times now require a different approach. In the UK at least the green shoots of recovery are pretty sparse and encouragement rather than ridicule would get better results.

Unfortunately venture capitalists and interviewers seem to love the Dragon/Sugar style which can become some sort of weird cross between Dragons Den and the Nemesis Ride at Alton Towers.  You go into the interview believing  that you  will be  treated seriously but actually  that isn’t the game at all. The game is humiliation for the interviewer’s pleasure. You are merely a pawn in that game. Frankly I don’t think it is clever and I don’t think it is helpful  in getting  businesses off the ground.

And that is why it is important that the Dragons Den style is changed. We, as a country, can’t afford to shoot ourselves in the foot and that is actually what we are doing every time we put down another person or their business.





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  1. supernova permalink

    Hi Jane hope you are OK. I agree with you totally, in fact I cannot bring myself to watch the program as it embarrasses me so much. I wonder if their people skills are as ‘good’ in the real work place, if so I feel really sorry for anyone connected with them?
    I hope your research into the title deeds is going OK, Don’t work too hard! My Best, SN.

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