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Cancelled Appointments. How irritating are they?

November 28, 2012

We’ve all had them and aren’t they infuriating? You spend time preparing for a meeting, perhaps even rejigging a schedule to fit in a meeting  that is then cancelled.

Yesterday I had a meeting planned for Friday of this week. The day and the place were definite but the time was not. So I emailed to say what time is the meeting and had a reply saying that due to other appointments  it wasn’t going to be possible for us to meet. As I had already got my train ticket and set aside time for this meeting I was cross. The man was apologetic. ‘I am sorry if I have offended you,’ he said. No, I thought, that’s not the right word. You have made me think a number of things, but offended is not one of them. There followed an exchange of emails and he offered firstly,  a Skype meeting and a trip round the office and then an afternoon meeting. By this time the prospect of a meeting was as tainted as begging for an invite to a party that you haven’t initially been invited to. You go along but it doesn’t feel right, you shouldn’t be there.

When I was young there was a family nearby who had a swimming pool. On hot Summer days friends of mine were invited to have  swim. I never was, not without a bit of work anyway. So I would casually walk past the house in the hope that I, too, would get an invite. If the family was around I usually did. But it never felt right, just as going along to this meeting wouldn’t have been right.

Sadly this is not a one-off. In the Summer I arrived at a local University for a meeting with a professor and two lecturers. I went on the train, which was 10 minutes late so I phoned when I was 5 minutes away and spoke to someone in the office.

‘Hi, I’ve come for the meeting.’

‘Oh, is that the meeting that has been cancelled.’

I certainly hope not, I replied. But it was; There was a brief conversation in the background and when I got to the meeting, Bill, Ben and Sam were replaced by two others. The only explanation given was that one of them was ill. But what about the others I thought. The meeting was a complete waste of time (mine and theirs) and I have never heard from those I was supposed to meet from that day to this – not an apology, not an offer of another meeting – nothing.

I despair of this sort of behaviour, rude and unbusinesslike. Mistakes can always be made but respect other people and their time. In fact just respect other people and the rest will fall into place.


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  1. supernova permalink

    Very frustrating Jane, sometimes I’ve had steam coming out of my ears with this sort of thing. Human beings eh! SN

    • Congratulations on the Blog of the Year Award. Looking forward to seeing the future blogs. The missed appointments were so annoying because they were business meetings. With only one of me trying to archive as much history as I can which is in private hands and do all the rest that goes along with that including Jane Smith Daily and a blog I must resurrect called Archiving History (actually it never really lived!) there isn’t any time to waste.

      Anyway, I spent yesterday in Shrewsbury Archives doing some Worfield History. I made a start on 16 boxes of Title Deeds and got through half a box! Last night I was scanning a pile of letters from a lady in 1908-1911 who travelled to Canada and Egypt. I see so much fabulous history and feel very privileged to do so. The skill is making it available in a form which is usable historically etc. I think that may be the subject of the next blog. Best Wishes and Many Thanks for the support, it feels a lonely trail. Jane

      > Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 19:19:08 +0000 > To: >

      • supernova permalink

        Hi Jane and thank you. You are working very hard and being very thorough, way to go and very well done. I am looking forward to ‘Archiving History’ as I will find it most interesting and I’m sure I will pick up some good idea’s.
        Going through archives sounds really interesting, I expect one can get really involved with the information your bringing to light. Wow though, it will take you some time to get through 16 boxes but I’m sure you will do a brilliant job and I’m also sure you have the skill to present this information in a form which is usable historically. I find what you have to say very interesting and very well written so I’ve every confidence in you.
        It’s always a pleasure to speak with you so you can count on my support any time. Take care, Jane and Best wishes.
        P.S. I just received your other comment whilst writing this, thank you Jane, I appreciate it. Speak soon SN.

      • supernova permalink

        P.P.S. Sorry for the late reply Jane.

      • Whoops, it was my fault. I thought I had sent the original to myself so I did another one! Best Wishes, Jane

        > Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2012 19:39:10 +0000 > To: >

      • supernova permalink

        No worries Jane I’ve done the same thing, I’ve left another message for you on my site too (ha ha). Take care SN

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