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November 8, 2012



On Tuesday  I went to see Bellowhead at the start of their UK tour. Culture came to Wolverhampton in the shape not only of Bellowhead but Steel Panther. When we arrived at the Civic Hall there were queues of people for both events. Steel Panther’s audience had wild long whigs and they were dressed like the heavy metal fans they are. Steel Panther ( basically parody the old heavy metal and have had a meteoric rise to fame. Wolverhampton folk turned out in large numbers to see both groups.
Bellowhead were superb. Check out their website, have a listen to their music on youtube. This is one of my favourites You may have an impression of folk music as nostalgia par excellence. Think again, Bellowhead have transformed the sound and tempo of folk music so that it sounds as you have never heard folk music sound before. And yet, they have captured the spirit of the music so perfectly, so crazily and made an evening of magical entertainment from its performance. Do you get the impression I am glad I went? Can’t wait to see them again which will probably be when two of the group, Spiers and Boden, tour again early next year.


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