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The Pride of the Midlands

November 5, 2012


On Wednesday after seeing my son, David, off to catch his train, I took some photographs of a disused brewery in Wolverhampton. Not long ago in Wolverhampton there were two breweries, Banks’s and Michells and Butlers. The latter was much larger than Banks’s and there was a tendency to look down on Banks’s. In 2012 how times have changed. The car park at Springfield Brewery (originally William Butlers and then Mitchells and Butlers) is now a car park for Banks’s lorries and Banks’s is now part of the Marston group.
It seems hard to believe that we can allow these beautiful buildings to stand derelict like this and eventually, of course, they will be beyond repair. Meanwhile the area is home to those you would rather not meet. While I was taking photographs on my own (probably unwise), a man in his forties asked me if I had a pen. As I only had my camera, having thought it wise to leave my bag in the car, I said I had none. He, had no paper and was clearly agitated. He clutched his mobile phone and kept looking around. I kept my distance. When he crossed the road, I did so in the opposite direction so there was always the road between us. Eventually he disappeared so quickly I couldn’t see where he had gone. Springfield Brewery



I wrote to Wolverhampton Conservation Department on the 1st November, no reply to date.


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