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A Culinary Experience

October 31, 2012



I love cooking, just plain simple food. When I was 18 I was given a Margueritte Patten cookery book which taught me a lot about how to make cakes, biscuits and puddings. When I was 21 I was given a set of books by Elizabeth David which just opened my eyes to different types of food altogether. We are going back now to the Sixties and I not only loved the recipes but here was a cookery writer who could write. The books were like culinary travel books – magical. So last night I cooked a dish inspired by Elizabeth David’s Chicken in Cheese Sauce recipe. It is the simplest meal out but tastes wonderful. What made this meal special was the quality of the chicken – I hadn’t tasted chicken like this for years. It came from Michael Kirk’s Butchers Shop in Wolverhampton. Today I tried their pork pie, a peppery mixture of minced pork and not the ground variety which makes you wonder what you are eating. Fantastic!
I have yet to find a supermarket which can match the quality and sheer value for money of the meat offered by independent butchers. I don’t know exactly how much I saved by going to Kirk’s rather than a supermarket but it was an awful lot. I haven’t mentioned the service – a happy team of staff who really do look as though they enjoy their work, as you will see.



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